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Obliviart is a production company based between Finland and France.

We are specialized in music video production and graphic content creation for bands and record labels. We think that each project  deserves to be seen as a whole - our main purpose is to make your visions come true. We are a multi-tasking and efficient team:  our knowledge of music industry and our professional mindset allows our clients to enjoy even this side of music production.


I was told that there's a really cool and professional guy out there who would love to work with Lordi. We needed desperately a new website so I contacted him.

From the very first email I was convinced that this is the perfect match for us: Great design skills, lot of cool ideas, professional way to look at nowadays web designing and what is really important to me; it was fun working with him! Yes, I'm talking about Paul. We will work together in a future, that's for sure!


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Paul as he immediately understood every idea we had in mind and expanded on them in a unique and creative way.

I've thoroughly enjoyed his design process and was very happy with the final results which came out in a very short time. It's rare to have the chance of seeing your ideas actualised precisely down to the details and Paul is one of the few designers able to do that! Definitely looking forward to our future collaborations!


I have been in the music business for twenty years and I had the chance to work with so many artists, graphic and web designers from all around the world. The truth is, no one happened to be as reliable, professional and creative as Paul.

He is a very nice and amicable person, always open and ready to suggest ideas, quick notes and sketches in order to achieve spectacular results in a reasonable amount of time. I am looking forward to work with him on all my future projects and I will definitely recommend him to friends and colleagues in different working areas.